4 things you can do

This is a way for normal people and professionals to join the movement and change the world for the better; both on a personal level and for your peer – and all the people!

In a few steps you can tap into a once in a life time opportunity. What happens now is going to happen only once in history and this create instant riches if and when instant is a period of one to two years. We have seen this many times in history but seldom it is for the normal people. In Finland NOKIA created for example millionaires through private share holders. Now it happens again.

EXIT the FIAT-FED ($dollar €uro)

into the people’s money! digital money.

We help people

  1. exchange euro and dollars to BitCoin, Etherium and other currencies
    – and back when needed
    kraken.com is very popular! [ sign up here ]
    the key is an attachment in an email sent to you
  2. open a Wallet for these currencies
  3. get a VISA card that they can use to
    – take out *old* money in ATMs
    – use like any normal VISA card in stores
  4. optionally join our mining pool; it’s an invitation only club so ask for the sign up link from the person who introduced you to this.

Here’s an independent site that update live stream statistics on BitCoin exchange, trading and mining:
[ blockchain.info ]

Our mining pool, BitClub Network, is currently the 11th or 12th most efficient in the world. You can see that on from here:
[ blockchain.info/fi/pools ]